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Every MMJ doctor in our team works around the clock to ensure every patient gets the care they deserve. Our marijuana clinic stands on four pillars – care, quality, trust, and hard work. We provide an online portal for medical cannabis enthusiasts to access the herb legally without any hassles to manage their condition effectively. We also have a BBB A+ accredited status. We house a team of highly qualified and experienced marijuana experts. We take pride in our exceptional team of health professionals who are there to guide you with your treatment. Through our portal, you can get legal access to an MMJ Card from the comfort of your home. We make sure you get quality healthcare without any hassles.

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Hassle-free 420 Evaluations through our MMJ Doctors

Our team believes cannabis can be very useful in managing several health conditions. We are dedicated to taking care of your well-being. At Green MD Oakland, we have built a place where you can consult medical marijuana experts about your concerns in confidence. Providing you with hassle-free 420 evaluations in Oakland is our motive. We are here for you to relieve you of your illness with compassion and care. Our health professionals have years of experience in this industry. They evaluate every patient with diligence and check their medical history. In addition, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee that means you won’t be charged in case you fail to qualify. We are always available to assist you in case you have any concerns regarding the process or treatment. You can also reach out to us for a simple and quick process to get a growers licence and MMJ Card renewal.