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5 Things You Can Do if Your Child Swallows an Edible

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After cannabis was completely legalized in Colorado, cases of children accidentally consuming cannabis rose by 34 percent. According to a study published in Jama Pediatrics 163 marijuana cases with 85% of girls were reported at a local Colorado hospital. The study also revealed that even after two years of legalization, cases of marijuana exposure in children are quite prevalent. The reason behind these careless exposures is actually quite simple. If you look at the shape, size, and color of gummy bears or candies, there’s a stark resemblance between normal and cannabis-infused edibles. So, it’s natural for a child to accidentally mistake a colorful looking gummy bear for a regular eating substance.

In addition to this, if you look at the risk of poisoning in children, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that children fall under the most vulnerable category. And unfortunately, children are prone to swallow, eat, or ingest everything that looks delicious and attractive to them.

If you have a cannabis-laced chocolate bar or a marijuana-infused candy at home, keep it away from the sight and reach of your children. Not only this but look at this report published by the Washington Post. The report says that children are more prone to eating edibles accidentally. And you need to make sure that your child stays away from such incidents. However, if you caught your child in the cat or found your child eating a cannabis edible below are some tips that can help you handle the situation.

Be Patient, Do Not Panic

Gather courage and try to stay composed. Yes, I understand that it is difficult to stay calm after finding out that your child ingested an edible. But panicking will only lead to uninvited problems and more vitally you will be not able to focus on your child. So, make sure that you accept the fact that your child has ingested an edible and no child or adult has ever died after consuming a cannabis edible.

After you gather courage and manage to stay calm, focus on your child, and help them feel comfortable. You can tuck them inside a cozy blanket and pretend as nothing serious has happened. This way your child and you will stay calm while you figure out what to do next.

Analyze the Situation

Before you begin anything analyze the situation and figure out what exactly your child has ingested. If you consume CBD edibles for health-related problems, your child will not experience the psychoactive effects. This means you can stay calm and identify how many edibles were ingested. However, if your child accidentally grabbed a handful of THC infused gummies, you cannot sit down and wait for the psychoactive effects to take hold of your child’s body and mind.

The first thing you need to do is find out how much did your child manage to eat. If the answer is one gummy bear, the situation is under control. Sadly for parents whose children have consumed a handful of gummies, the situation is serious but always remember that everything will fall back in place if you stay focused and attentive.

Jot Down Important Details     

Take a notepad and pen. Note down every tiny detail. For instance, how much THC or CBD did your child ingest? Look at the container or box consisting of edibles. How many edibles are missing? If you can figure out that, at least you will have a rough idea about how many edibles your child managed to eat. Once you figure that out, write it down and then remember to note down all the symptoms.

Ideally, it will take up to 3 or 4 hours for your child to show any signs. But you should be prepared for the worst because the full effects of cannabis vary from individual to individual. Also, make sure that you stay close to your child all the time and tuck him or her inside the bed. This way you can take note of the time and watch for any signs of difficulty. Always remember that you know your child better than anyone so write down everything will help you carry out the next thing.

Seek Immediate Help From Poison Control 

You can call the poison control operators if you feel that the situation can get out of control and the dose your child took seems a little extra to you. This is the time to grab your notepad again and allow the poison control operators to walk you through the risk assessment. Write down each and every instruction they give so that you can start the initial treatment. Also, do not panic if your child falls asleep. Experts believe that sleeping helps in detoxification and rejuvenation. You can tag along with your child while they are sleeping and help them rest comfortably.

While your child sleeps, note down any unusual activity and if you feel you cannot wake them up, it’s time to take the child to the nearest hospital. You can also talk to medical marijuana doctors over the phone and follow the instructions provided. Moreover, it’s best to take your child to the ER if the situation gets out of control

Take Your Child to the Hospital

I hope the situation never goes as bad as rushing your child to the ER, but once you enter the ER, be honest, and tell the concerned health official everything. They will require each and every detail. So, take out your notepad and tell them whatever you have managed to notice. You see, all these details will help the health professional act instantly.

Doctors will ask some questions like your child’s medical history and any underlying condition. They will also take blood tests and monitor your child’s heart rate. So, comply with the doctors and provide whatever support you can. Meanwhile, you can wait for your child to recover fast and leave the rest to the doctors.

This Is Not an Example of Bad Parenting

Yes, you will go over and over and tell yourself that this should have not happened in the first place. You will punish yourself for leaving the cannabis edibles jar in plain sight. You might also blame yourself for setting a bad example. However, I request you to not be hard on yourself. Sometimes situations can get out of control and it’s okay if something unexpected happens. Always remember that a hospital can take good care of your child and they are used to handling far worse situations. Just stay calm, be patient about your child’s treatment, and ensure that you have a plan.

In addition to this, try and purchase packages that come with childproof labels or instructions. For the same, you can approach cannabis doctors, get a medical marijuana card in Oakland, and contact state-licensed dispensaries. More importantly, keep a track of your edibles and hide them in a safe place. As simple as that. If you follow all the instructions given above, you will be able to handle the situation quite effectively. In case of an emergency immediately take the child to the hospital and do not wait for things to get worse.

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