Today, you can find a cannabis variant for every commodity in the market. Need a snack? Get yourself some cannabis popcorn. Need to block the UV rays? Use cannabis sunscreen. The list is endless.

Adding to the already incredible assortment of cannabis products is the bathing line infused with the goodness of cannabis. And believe me, it’s something you need to try. You can get a CBD or THC version. Just remember that you may need a medical marijuana card Oakland CA to have access to the best THC bathing products in the market.

So, once you get a hand on some of the cannabis bathing products, you can treat yourself to a cannabis spa night. Need some help? Well, read along to find all the details.

Step by Step Guide to Using Cannabis Bathing Products

Having a cannabis bath isn’t a herculean task. It’s just your regular bath with the beneficial properties of cannabis that will leave you relaxed, happy and refreshed. Here’s how you can indulge yourself in a refreshing cannabis bath.

Step 1

Prepare hot or warm water as you do for every bath. Fill up your bathtub and add the bubbles if you like to feel like you’re bathing in the clouds. There’s no rule of thumb here. Just choose your preference for water temperature and fill your bathtub to the brim.

Step 2

Choose your favorite bath salt or bath bomb and add it to the water. Now, if you are using bath bombs, you can use one whole ball for your bath. Each has a specific dose so you don’t have anything to worry about. In the case of bath salts, you may need no more than one scoop or as instructed on the label.

If you are a beginner, the best option is to go a little lower in amount as instructed.

Step 3

Step in and enjoy your bubble cannabis bath. You can put on a cannabis facial mask for the time in the bath to heal your face too. While you are in the bath, you’ll notice a slight tingling and observe that your body relaxes completely. Though it will not get you stoned, you will feel the effects.

Step 4

After about 20 minutes (or as long as you like), get out of the tub and pat yourself dry. Now, take your cannabis body cream, body lotion, or oil and slather yourself in it. Massage it into the skin slowly.

I recommend that you do this cannabis bath routine before going to bed. Because it will relax you completely and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

When do You Use Cannabis Bathing Products?

When it comes to cannabis bathing products, you can use them whenever you like. You don’t need a special occasion to immerse yourself in a bath of cannabinoids. However, if you still require a specific answer, I can give you a list of times when having a cannabis bath is especially useful.

Now, you know that cannabis is therapeutic. So, just like every other cannabis product, you can use the bathing line for your ailments too. Whether you have sprained your leg during a workout or have been stressing over your new job, a cannabis bath is here to help you. It can help relieve pain, aches, inflammation, stress and even cramps due to the menstrual cycle. And even if you feel like giving yourself some special treatment, a cannabis bath will do the trick.

How do They Help?

From bath salts to body creams, all of them are cannabis topicals. It means that you get their benefits from the skin. So, the cannabinoids activate the CB receptors on your skin and provide the necessary effects. However, it doesn’t enter your body which is why you don’t feel stoned or effects similar to edibles or smokables.

So, from the time you are into the bathtub, you feel a gush of calmness and you get rid of any pain, stress or anxiety that may be affecting your daily life. In addition to this, you will also get the added benefits of having healthy, hydrated and young skin.

Now that you have a step by step guide to pampering yourself, it’s time you prepare your bath and experience the benefits of a cannabis bath. If you don’t have access to good quality cannabis, complete your 420 Evaluations Oakland to get easy access and home deliveries for some of the best cannabis products.