Oakland just like many other cities and counties in the US followed the footsteps of cannabis legalization. If you look at Oakland now, you will notice that this city has grown to be the torchbearer of marijuana activities. While some of the best and environmentally-friendly cannabis events take place in Oakland every year, it also has some of the best state-licensed dispensaries. Overall, Oakland has some of the best cannabis-related options for both tourists and locals. 

The only thing marijuana users in Oakland have to keep in mind that recreational users can possess and use cannabis if they are 21 and older. Whereas, patients aged 18 and above with a valid medical marijuana card in Oakland, CA, can grow and possess higher limits of cannabis. The only exception, in this case, is that growth, sales, and consumption of marijuana still remains illegal on the federal level. So, if you’re aware of the cannabis laws in Oakland and wish to travel to Oakland, this year comes a bearer of bad news. Read on to find out.

Most Activities Remain Suspended Due to COVID-19 

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of using and possessing cannabis in Oakland as a tourist, you have to understand that due to the increase in coronavirus cases, the authorities have decided to suspend most activities. Bet it social gatherings associated with cannabis events or some activities in general. So, we recommend that you stay at home and postpone travel-related plans. Especially if it concerns attending cannabis-related activity in Oakland. 

What Visitors Need to Understand

On November 8, 2016, California legalized cannabis for recreational use. The law stated that anyone aged 21 and above could possess, consume, and process marijuana for commercial purposes. Of course, the law has certain limitations and you can grow and possess only a few amounts of cannabis. However, as of now, locals in Oakland can process, transport, sell, obtain, and keep cannabis with or without the help of a medical cannabis card Oakland. 

Similarly, visitors can enjoy recreational activities and enter the most famous cannabis dispensaries in Oakland for a recreational experience. The only reason behind this is that prior to cannabis legalization for adult use, the only way to purchase cannabis was to obtain 420 evaluations in Oakland

A recommendation from a state-licensed physician enabled California citizens to avail of medical cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries. Additionally, these recommendations were available to both non-state and state residents. However, after 2016 adult-use legalization, the scenario has shifted and anyone aged 21 and above can purchase cannabis in California. 

So, you need to have a government ID showing you’re 21 and older to possess marijuana in California. Interestingly, out-of-state licenses are also welcomed, but for tourists, it will be difficult to get cannabis. 

Out-of-State Visitors Can Get Cannabis In Oakland

As mentioned before out-of-state cannabis users can purchase cannabis in Oakland, CA. However, as a non-state resident, you will be required to show government ID proof. And there’s one more thing that you need to keep in mind. Some dispensary owners may not provide cannabis to those who show out-of-state ID proof. On the other hand, a few dispensary owners will willingly give cannabis to those who are from a different state in the US. 

How Can Visitors Purchase Cannabis in Oakland?

Most legal dispensaries in California and its cities and counties deal in cash only. Some dispensaries accept ATM cards and online payments, but as a visitor, you should keep the cash. The amount of cash that you’ll need to purchase cannabis depends on the category and quantity of marijuana you need. Also, the products are not tax-free. This means that the cost will vary depending on the tax imposed on cannabis in each state. Ideally, the price is a little higher than normal. Fortunately, medical cannabis patients can save on taxes by paying as little as 25% of the total price. 

Final Thoughts

It’s still illegal to smoke marijuana in public, and violators will end up with a fine as high as $100. So, when you visit Oakland do not light up in public places, near schools, medical institutions, hospitals, or public property. Also, refrain from carrying open packets of cannabis while traveling within state borders.