While the number of applications for a medical marijuana card Oakland CA is on a rise nowadays, a lot of people are still skeptical of it. Well, we won’t say this suspicion is invalid. After all, the herb has had a really foul reputation in the country for a very long time. And even now, when the herb is proven safe, that opinion still lingers somewhere in minds of people.

But hey, let me tell you, it’s not only the past that is clouding the reputation of cannabis but also the present. You perhaps have come across some news pieces claiming marijuana-related deaths over the past few years. And these claims too have an equal contribution in making people distrust the herb.

Now, my question is:- Are these claims really true? I mean, since cannabis has been legalized, we have heard many experts marking it as a completely safe drug. So, what do these death instances mean?

Well, the answer to this question is a little complicated. And in this post, we’ve discussed everything in detail. So, read on and learn.

The Beginning of The Debate

Do you know where all this “marijuana-related death” debate really started? It was November 2017 when “The first marijuana overdose death” made it to the headlines of several publications. It was a tragic case in which an 11-month-old baby was claimed dead due to exposure to cannabis.

But was it really cannabis that was responsible?

Maybe not!

The researchers of the case believe that though it’s important to note there was some exposure to cannabis here, we can’t blame cannabis for the tragic death of the baby solely on the basis of it. In fact, researchers say that they are not sure of the actual cause. Now, there surely is a possibility that the baby ingested some cannabis which led to a cardiac arrest (the cause of death being claimed the inflammation of the heart muscles). But there is no sure-shot evidence of it. In fact, some medical experts believe that there’s no way cannabis overdose was responsible for the death of the baby in this particular case.

Other Ways Marijuana May Affect You

You must note here that overdosing isn’t the only way cannabis may be dangerous for you at a fatal level. There are many other effects of cannabis that may harm you. And if you are for your 420 evaluations in Oakland, 420 doctors say you must be aware of them.

Over the past few years, there have been several death cases that were in one way or another linked to cannabis. Now, we don’t have a clear number of how many such cases are there. But as per estimates, it goes in thousands.

But, if not overdosing, what may cause death due to cannabis?

Well, one of the culprits here is the effects cannabis induces on you. You perhaps are aware of the intoxicating effects of the herb. And at extremities, they may lead to accidents. In fact, most of the deaths due to cannabis can be linked to this particular effect only.

Additionally, many cannabis-related deaths are also said to be due to lung-related issues. As you know, smoking is one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis. And smoking is never good for your lungs. However, in these cases, experts also claim that smoking cannabis isn’t the sole reason for developing lung issues. This claim is majorly based on the fact that out of all the cannabis smokers with lung-related issues, at least 90 percent smoked tobacco too.

Final Thoughts

From the above information, we now have a clear idea that cannabis isn’t directly linked to any fatalities, which is good news for people who want to apply for 420 evaluations in Oakland. However, if you use cannabis, you must still be responsible. Cannabis has been proven to have some relation with several accident fatalities. And thus, in the end, your safety is in your hands only.