Thinking of getting an MMJ card in Oakland? Well, that’s amazing! 

However, having a medical cannabis card isn’t the only thing you need to do in order to manage your medical condition. In fact, it’s just the beginning of your journey, and there is a lot you will come across. Of all, I think buying your marijuana is going to be the most important.

See, cannabis can definitely help you manage the symptoms of your condition. However, the instances of people getting bad quality buds are also on a rise. And consuming a bad bud is not something that’s gonna help you with your ailment. Given this, it’s very important for you to learn how to identify if your cannabis is of good quality or not. 

However, the problem here is that if you have just got your MMJ card in Oakland, you perhaps don’t have an idea of what a good marijuana bud looks or feels like. Considering this, we’ve made this simple guide to help you check the quality of your bud as easily as possible.


If you have a little idea about how a cannabis plant looks, you perhaps are already aware that it is of green color. Now, the advice we would like to add to the list is you must not buy a marijuana bud if it is brown. Yes, there is a chance you’ll see a little bit of brown, red, and orange here and there. But this is actually the color of the pistils and not the bud itself. And if the pistils are a bit brown or of some other color, it’s a sign of your product being healthy. 

However, here, when we are talking about your bud being brown and dull, we are actually referring to the whole nug. And if this is the case with your product, you must not buy it. There’s no question about that.

Presence of Seeds and Stems

Another thing you need to see while checking the quality of your bud is if it has any stems and seeds or not. Now, having stems and seeds doesn’t always tell you the quality of your bud correctly. But if we speak generally, they are not good news.

See, the problem here is that the price of your cannabis depends a lot on the weight of it. And so, if it contains a lot of seeds and stems, you are wasting a lot of your money.

Another thing you need to note here is that if there are seeds on your bud, it usually means that the female bud is pollinated by a male plant. And this is not an indicator of good quality.


It may sound a little odd, but the iconic symbol of marijuana that you see at every place, including t-shirts, caps, and so many different products, is not even the real thing you smoke. That is just the leaves of the cannabis plant, which we usually call “fan” or “water” leaves. And these leaves do not have any THC in them. 

Instead, the part of the cannabis plant that you smoke is called nugget or bud. This part is the female reproductive organ of the marijuana plant and carries most of the THC.

Having said that, you must not buy a product with a lot of leaves.


Another thing you need to check before you pay for that bud of yours is if it smells right or not. A good quality bud typically smells like a skunk. And the odor usually is somewhat dank, diesel, or musky.

Well, if you have some experience with cannabis, you perhaps would be able to guess what I’m talking about. But being a newbie, the terms are actually of no use. So, to explain it to you in simple terms, if your bud smells like freshly cut grass or a little wheaty, it’s perhaps not for you. Good quality cannabis smells very distinct. And if it’s not that, it’s perhaps not worth your money.

Final Words

Cannabis, no doubt, can help you manage many of your medical conditions. However, consuming a bad quality bud can actually do the opposite and make matters worse. Having said that, once you have got your medical cannabis card, you must use the points above to check the quality of your bud before you buy it.