Halloween is just around the corner and cannabis enthusiasts are excited to celebrate it the green way. We are sure you know what that means. Well, with a medical marijuana card in Oakland, you can earn the legal right to access cannabis from a dispensary. Do you have any specific strains that you want to try this Halloween? We have a list of strains that are sure to make your Halloween.

Durban Poison

With THC nearing at 24%, Durban Poison is a potent strain that is ideal for Halloween. The Sativa dominance ensures you feel the intense euphoric effects that are perfect for a party. It will keep you cheerful and help you dive into a thrilling vibe. The moment you light this bud, you’ll feel sweet and earthy notes. Plus, the energetic high will help you sketch interesting conversations with people. This strain will help you enjoy Halloween night to the brim. It’s a good idea to enjoy a scary movie with your friends while Durban poison keeps you high.

Blueberry Ghost

Everyone is not a seasoned cannabis user. So, if you are new to using cannabis, this is the strain for you. This Indica dominant strain might not be the spookiest of strains but this is different in the sense that it keeps you relaxed and laid back. This strain offers a good mix of euphoria and sedative effects. The high is intense and affects you quickly. It’s not a surprise because that’s the least you can expect from a strain packing a whopping 27% THC. Well, just start slow and gradually increase the intensity as you get comfortable with this bud. If you smoke it the right way, you are sure to have a great and relaxing time at Halloween.

Zombie OG

As the name suggests, Zombie OG is an ideal strain for Halloween. With 21% THC and Indica dominance, you will feel that characteristic holiday cheer. The effects can be best described as euphoric, sedated, and it will keep you giggly or in the mood to indulge in fun. Contrary to the name, Zombie OG has a very subtle flavor that has hints of lavender and pine. The moment you take the first hit, it will make you come back for more. This strain also packs medicinal properties. So, if you are battling stress, anxiety, or pain, it can provide you with much-needed relief.

Killer Grape

This strain is dubbed as the ‘trick and treat’ strain. Killer Grape is a feisty strain loaded with the fruity goodness of Querkle and Killer Queen. The high is balanced with some effects of Sativa and the mild head high of Indica. Plus, it has the delicious fruity notes to top your experience with a great taste. So, Killer Grape is sure to give you a happening time during Halloween. If you are suffering from nausea, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, you don’t need to worry about your Halloween party plans. This strain will keep you relaxed and manage your symptoms. So, you can enjoy your party without any worries.

Well, if you are confused about using the right approach while concentrating on your health, it’s a good idea to get yourself evaluated.

420 Evaluations Can Help

420 evaluations allow you to interact with a certified doctor who can guide you on using the stains the right way. The doctor will screen your health and check if you have any health issues. They might ask you some questions to get a better understanding of your health. So, share your health history and get the right advice for an ideal cannabis experience.

You can get the right approach to using these strains during Halloween. The doctor can suggest the right dose and help you dive into a satisfactory Halloween experience. Well, before you source these strains, make sure you get your medical marijuana card in Oakland to earn the legal right and avoid any hassle.

So, once you have these strains, you can celebrate Halloween and dive into a thrilling experience. Got any other plans? Well, nothing matches the cannabis experience on Halloween. Make sure you use this opportunity to treat yourself to a relaxing high and unmatched relaxation.