Back in the day, cannabis was no more than a gateway drug that had no other use than getting very high. And look at how the tables have turned today. Presently, medical cannabis is a legit part of healthcare that can provide symptomatic relief for several medical conditions like cancer, PTSD, insomnia, Crohn’s disease and even acne. And the medical potential of cannabis keeps on unfolding with every new consumer. Considering how quickly cannabis became an effective medication for millions of people around the world, its access has also become easier than ever. Now, people can go online, apply for a medical card and get in within minutes. Even you can get a medical marijuana card in Oakland, CA with just a click of a button. If you think that cannabis can help you medically, getting a MMJ card is the best thing you can do. Why? Read along to find out.

What is the Purpose of a Medical Card?

A medical card is like your identification card. It is issued by a state-authorized medical professional who accesses your medical history and present condition, reviews it and then gives you a medical marijuana card or MMJ recommendation for using it. Once you own a medical card, it stands as proof that you are a medical marijuana consumer who is registered with the state. Remember that you can get a medical card only if your condition is one of the many medical conditions qualified by the state. For example, in California, the following medical conditions and symptoms are eligible for a medical card.

  • Cancer
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • PTSD
  • Cachexia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spasticity
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety
  • Severe Nausea
  • Any medical condition that can risk your mental and physical health if left untreated or if a medical condition severely affects your major life activities.

So, how does a medical card help in accessing cannabis?

By showing your medical card at the dispensary or the online store, you can buy and use cannabis without any questionable stares. In fact, you can take advantage of several benefits that are only applied to registered medical cannabis consumers. Here are a few of the exclusive advantages of having a medical cannabis card in Oakland.

Legal Security

From growing and sale to consumption, everything related to cannabis is regulated as per the marijuana laws of the state. And every state has its own set of marijuana laws. So there are many rules and restrictions that have to be followed when using medical cannabis or you could face legal troubles.

But since you are now registered with the state government, you can buy, use and even grow cannabis freely. You won’t be questioned for carrying cannabis or having a cannabis plant at your home. And if someone does stop you for interrogation, you can show your medical card to the person of authority and avoid any questions or legal problems.

In addition to this, you have the leverage of flying with cannabis. Though it is federally illegal to be in possession of cannabis while on a plane and crossing state borders. But if you have a legit medical card and are aware of the law of the state you are visiting, you can fly with a small amount of cannabis without any fear of arrest or fine. Recreational cannabis consumers do not enjoy such benefits.

Less Financial Burden

Managing a lifelong medical condition can be expensive. Regular dosage and restocking can increase your monthly bills. And using cannabis as a medication isn’t cheap either. But a medical cannabis card can help reduce the financial burden from your shoulders.

Tax Exemptions

Just like every other medication, cannabis is also subjected to all the state taxes. These additions can increase your final bill significantly. A recreational cannabis consumer has to pay all the amount with every purchase. But if you are a medical cannabis consumer, you will be exempted from paying the sales and use tax on cannabis. Just show your medical card while checking out and the reductions will be done instantly. If you want the numbers, the sales and use tax exemption can save you more than 28% on cannabis.

Price Discounts

A medical cannabis card is your key to savings. In addition to the exemption of sale and use tax, a medical card opens doors for different price points. Cannabis dispensaries and online stores hold many discounts and varying price points for people with a medical card. So apply for one now!

Advantages Over Recreational Cannabis

You may wonder if your state has legalized recreational cannabis, why do you still need a medical card. If you are above 21 years of age, you can take your identity proof and still buy cannabis. No need to get a medical card right? Wrong.

As we discussed already, only a medical card can help you make 28% savings on cannabis purchase. But that’s not all, here are few other advantages that give you an upper hand over recreational cannabis consumers.

Greater Access to Cannabis

What if you enter a dispensary, choose your cannabis product and are then denied to make a purchase? It is a very possible scenario. More than a 1000 dispensaries in California only serve cannabis for medical reasons. So if you don’t own a medical card, you cannot make a purchase there.

Secondly, recreational cannabis consumption has to follow a potency limit. It limits them from having access to a large number of high potency strains. But if you have a legit medical card, you are not bound by any such limitations and can buy a cannabis product of any potency.

Leverage in Legal Limitations

Both recreational and medical cannabis are subjected to certain limitations. And medical cannabis enjoys an advantage here as well.

Possession limit

If you are a medical cannabis consumer, you can legally possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis and 2000mg of THC per packet. For a recreational consumer. The limitation is 1 ounce and 1000mg respectively.

Age Limit

In the state of California, anyone above the age of 21 years can legally consume cannabis. But if you are a medical patient who is younger than 21 years, you can still use cannabis with a medical card because the age limit for medical cannabis is 18 years. In fact, if you are younger than 18 and need cannabis as a medication, you can consult a doctor for a recommendation and get yourself a caregiver to use medical cannabis.

Freedom to Grow your Own Cannabis

Imagine going for cannabis restock in your backyard. You can do that by growing your own cannabis at home. If you have a medical card and need to grow your own cannabis, you have the freedom to do so. In fact, you can even apply for a grower’s license and grow up to 100 square feet of cannabis at your home. If you wish to experience unlimited access to cannabis and money savings, consider having your own cannabis plants.

If your medical condition can find relief with cannabis, make a smarter choice and get a medical cannabis card. Along with easing your health and improving your quality of life, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the state government provides to medical cannabis consumers.