Cannabis has gained a lot of fan following in recent years. More and more people are now using cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. You just have to get an MMJ card in Oakland to buy medical cannabis if you have a qualifying condition. On the other hand, there are many people who use cannabis just to relax. Any stoner will tell you that you have to be ready for the smoking session before buying your cannabis. Preparing yourself for the smoking session also includes having all the important accessories with you.

Fortunately, having a good smoking session does not require any challenging procedures. You can have it with some accessories that can enhance your cannabis experience. These tools and devices that can make your smoking sessions easier and more efficient. Whether you buy medical cannabis after getting your medical cannabis card or recreational cannabis to relax, you should have these accessories if you are a real stoner. Read along to learn about these fascinating accessories.

Rolling Papers And Filter Tips

You should always start with the basics. So, before we get into more fancy accessories, let’s talk about these basic yet important accessories. If you are new to smoking cannabis, you must learn how to roll tightly packed joints and use a filter. While people start learning to roll a joint, they tend to overlook the filter, an aspect of a joint. A filter makes your every draw sweeter while blocking any unwanted plant matter from being inhaled.

It is very disappointing to come home with your cannabis and realizing that you don’t have any joint filters. Well, joint tops can help you in keeping your joint stay together. And you also get better airflow. Also, you can not roll a joint without a rolling paper. So, you must keep rolling papers on hand. I would suggest going for the most natural ones.

A Good Container

Cannabis is very precious to every smoker. That means you should take all measures to keep it fresh and good. This includes finding a good method to store your buds at home. This is an accessory that you need to have if you want your valuable cannabis to stay fresh.

For storing your cannabis, always choose an airtight container that will keep your buds fresh and spill-free. Keeping your cannabis in good condition is important if you want it to last longer. It is advisable to choose a high-quality smell proof container. It is an accessory that you probably will have to buy only once.

Ash Tray And Rolling Tray

So, you have everything to roll a good joint, and you are ready to smoke it. But there is one thing that you will need after you light up your joint; it is an ash tray. This is especially important if you are smoking cannabis indoors. Everyone wants to keep their place clean and wants to be a responsible smoker. So, you should have a good ash tray with you while you are smoking a joint.

Another thing that you need to have is a rolling tray to roll blunts, joints, and spliffs. It will help you keep your papers, filter tips, and cannabis safe and secure. You can contain the mess and makes it much easier for you to roll a joint. Use a rolling tray to keep your buds all in one place to avoid them spilling all over the floor. You can find various premium options on the market. These also include an area to roll, making everything easier for you.

A Lighter or Two

Well, you need to light your joint in order to enjoy your precious buds. That is where a lighter helps you. This small accessory can fit in your pocket with ease, so you can carry it around with no problem. And it is always better to get two lighters at least. In case you lose one, you will have the other one with you. You can also buy one lighter to keep at home at all times.

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to lighters. Some of them even include multi-tool contraptions and some gadgets. You will probably get confused like me, about which one to buy. You can choose any lighter depending upon your choice of colors and preferences. If you believe in the legend about Bob Marley and white lighter, you may want to reject white color lighters.


Ask any stoner and you will get the same answer: smoking marijuana with a bong is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy your buds. This is what makes a bong a great accessory to have.

Also known as bubbles or a water pipe, has some advantages. Water pipes contain water that filters the smoke while also cooling it. Bong also helps in minimizing the number of toxins that you inhale while smoking cannabis. Thanks to the popularity of bongs, you can buy various kinds of bongs on the market. Whether you like simple, basic bongs or beautifully crafted glass ones, you can choose anything.

Good Cleaners And Brushes

Be it any accessory, you need to keep it clean to keep enjoying it perfectly for a long time. The same goes for your smoking gears. You must clean them after every smoking session. This means, if you want to enjoy your bong and pipe for a long time, you should keep them clean. So, buy good quality brushes and cleaners to keep your gear clean.

You will enjoy your cannabis, even more, when you keep your gear clean, as your buds will taste much better. One more plus point of cleaning your gear is that you will be inhaling cleaner smoke to your lungs. This will keep toxins at bay.


This one is my favorite accessory! A grinder makes everything easier for you and enhances your smoking session. You do not have to worry about breaking up your cannabis to smoke it when you have a grinder. It is a necessity that you must always have with you.

You get beautiful diced up buds without having to deal with sticky and grimy cannabis. This is one of the best cannabis accessories ever made. A grinder has “teeth” that will grind up your flower evenly. The top advantage of using a grinder is that you get to save a lot of time. You can break down your cannabis properly without having to spend much time. You will have the best smoking experience whether you are using a bong, bowl, or rolling a joint.

It is better to choose a metal grinder instead of a plastic one. Metal grinders tend to last much longer and do not retain any smells or residue. They are also easier to clean, and finally, they look way cooler. Also, try to choose a grinder that comes with a kief catcher. This way you can make the most of your buds.