Glade partners with home decor brand for stylish new air freshener designs

Uncategorized By May 13, 2023

Air freshener brand Glade is teaming up with a home decor purveyor to launch a line of stylish products. The range of air fresheners is designed to neutralise unpleasant household odours while also enhancing living spaces. The collaboration will tap into the home decor brand’s up-to-the-minute style, incorporating modern patterns and clean lines into the air freshener range. A variety of scents will be available, including apple cinnamon, lavender and vanilla. The partners have not yet confirmed when the new products will be available, or how much they will cost.

Glade Partners with Home Decor Brand for Stylish New Air Freshener Designs


Glade, a well-known brand in the air freshener industry, is partnering with a popular home decor brand to give their products a stylish and elegant upgrade. The partnership aims to bring a new line of air fresheners that not only eliminates bad odors but also enhances the home’s aesthetic.


Glade has been in the air freshener market for a long time and has developed a line of products that caters to different preferences. The brand knows that scent plays a significant role in shaping a home’s atmosphere, and thus, they strive to provide products that can transform a space’s ambiance in an instant.

On the other hand, the home decor brand is known for its chic and modern designs that appeal to a wide audience. The brand has a loyal following who value their taste in home decor and trust their selection of products for their homes.

The Partnership

The partnership between Glade and the home decor brand is a match made in heaven. The brands have decided to combine their expertise to produce a line of air fresheners that not only smell good but also look good.

The air freshener designs will feature the home decor brand’s signature style, emphasizing clean lines, stylish patterns, and modern design. The new line will be available in various scents, including Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Lavender, to suit different tastes.

In addition to the aesthetic upgrade, the new line will feature Glade’s innovative odor-eliminating technology. The air fresheners will keep your spaces smelling fresh and clean, and you can rest assured that the bad odors are gone for good.


Will the new air fresheners cost more than the current Glade products?

The pricing for the new air fresheners has not been announced yet. However, Glade strives to provide affordable products to its consumers. We do not expect the prices to be significantly higher than the current line.

Will the new air fresheners be available in stores nationwide?

Yes, the new line will be distributed across the country in various retail stores. You can check out Glade’s website or the home decor brand’s website for a list of stores that will stock the new products.

Will the partnership between Glade and the home decor brand extend beyond air fresheners?

At the moment, the partnership’s primary focus is the new line of air fresheners. However, both brands are open to exploring other opportunities to collaborate in the future.


The partnership between Glade and a home decor brand is exciting news for all air freshener users who value style and design. The new line of air fresheners will provide a refreshing change from the traditional air fresheners and enhance the look of your homes. With Glade’s reliable odor eliminating technology and the home decor brand’s stylish designs, this partnership is bound to produce a remarkable line of air fresheners that will be a must-have in every home.