Hyenas show unexpected intelligence in solving puzzle box

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Hyenas have demonstrated unexpected intelligence in solving puzzle boxes, challenging preconceived notions about their cognitive skills. In an experiment, hyenas were presented with puzzle boxes containing hidden food rewards. They exhibited various problem-solving strategies, including trial and error and careful analysis. Their ability to learn from mistakes and display patience and attention to detail showcased their higher cognitive capacity. This study challenges the belief that hyenas are solely scavengers and suggests that they possess higher intelligence similar to more complex animals. It highlights the importance of considering different species when studying intelligence and broadening our understanding of animal cognition.

Hyenas Demonstrate Unexpected Intelligence in Solving Puzzle Box

Hyenas Demonstrate Unexpected Intelligence in Solving Puzzle Box


Hyenas, often portrayed as scavengers and notorious predators, exhibit intelligent behaviors that may surprise many. Recent studies have revealed their remarkable problem-solving abilities when presented with puzzle boxes. These findings challenge preconceived notions about hyenas and highlight the complexity of their cognitive skills.

Puzzle Box Experiment

In a groundbreaking experiment conducted by animal behavior researchers, hyenas were presented with puzzle boxes, designed to test their cognitive abilities. The boxes contained hidden food rewards, and the hyenas had to unlock or manipulate various mechanisms to access the rewards.

Hyenas, known for their powerful jaws and strong bite force, proved to be more than just resourceful hunters. When faced with the puzzles, they displayed remarkable problem-solving strategies, showcasing their intelligence and adaptability.

Strategies Utilized

The hyenas exhibited various strategies to unlock the puzzle boxes. Some relied on trial and error, persistently trying different approaches until they succeeded. Others showed more systematic approaches, carefully studying the box and finding the most efficient solution. These strategies suggested the hyenas’ ability to learn from their mistakes and employ problem-solving skills.

Problem-Solving Skills

The hyenas’ problem-solving skills were particularly evident when faced with more complex puzzle boxes. They exhibited patience, attention to detail, and the ability to analyze and break down the tasks at hand. This demonstrated a higher cognitive capacity than previously assumed for these animals.

Implications of the Study

The findings of this study challenge traditional notions that hyenas are solely scavengers. It suggests that they possess higher intelligence and problem-solving abilities usually associated with more complex animals such as primates. Understanding the intelligence of hyenas enriches our knowledge of animal cognition and highlights the importance of considering varied species when studying intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are hyenas intelligent animals?

A: Yes, contrary to popular belief, hyenas exhibit unexpected intelligence, as demonstrated by their problem-solving abilities in puzzle box experiments.

Q: What were the puzzle boxes used for testing?

A: The puzzle boxes used in the study were designed to challenge the hyenas’ cognitive skills, containing hidden food rewards that could only be accessed through manipulation and unlocking mechanisms.

Q: How did the hyenas solve the puzzle boxes?

A: The hyenas used various strategies, including trial and error and careful analysis, to unlock the puzzle boxes and access the hidden food rewards.

Q: What are the implications of this study?

A: The study challenges traditional assumptions about the intelligence of hyenas and calls for a broader understanding of animal cognition. It suggests that intelligence is not limited to certain species and highlights the complex problem-solving abilities of hyenas.