Uncovering Australia’s Secret Bushranger Hideouts

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Australia’s bushranger history is a fascinating part of the country’s past that lasted from the early 1800s to the late 1800s. Bushrangers were notorious outlaws who roamed the countryside, stealing from wealthy settlers, and evading the law. They often used secret hideouts in remote areas to escape pursuit, and some of these hideouts have been preserved or rediscovered for visitors to explore. Examples include the Wombeyan Caves, where Captain Thunderbolt had a secret escape route, the Glenrowan Inn, known for the Kelly Gang showdown, and Ben Hall’s cave near Eugowra. Australia’s bushranger history is full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Uncovering Australia’s Secret Bushranger Hideouts

Australia has a rich history of bushrangers, who were notorious outlaws that roamed the countryside during the 19th century. These bushrangers often stole from wealthy settlers and escaped into the wilderness to escape pursuit by the law. As a result, they needed places to hide, and they often used secret hideouts in remote areas to evade capture.

Many of these bushranger hideouts have been lost to time, but some have been preserved or rediscovered. Here are some of the fascinating bushranger hideouts that you can still visit today.

1. Wombeyan Caves

The Wombeyan Caves, located in New South Wales, were a popular hideout for bushrangers in the 1800s. The caves are located in a remote area, surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forest, making them an ideal spot for outlaws to hide.

One of the most famous bushrangers to hide in the Wombeyan Caves was Captain Thunderbolt, who was wanted for a string of robberies and horse thefts. He used the caves as a refuge, and it is said that he even had a secret escape route that led from the caves to a nearby river.

Today, visitors can explore the Wombeyan Caves and see the formations that intrigued bushrangers such as Thunderbolt.

2. Kelly Gang Hideout

One of the most infamous bushranger gangs in Australian history was the Kelly Gang, led by Ned Kelly. The Kelly Gang had several hideouts throughout Victoria, but one of the most well-known is the Glenrowan Inn, where a showdown between the gang and the police occurred.

The Glenrowan Inn has been restored and is now a popular tourist attraction where visitors can learn about the history of the Kelly Gang and their exploits.

3. Ben Hall’s Hideout

Ben Hall was one of the most successful bushrangers in Australian history, and he had several hideouts throughout New South Wales. One of his most famous hideouts was a cave near Eugowra, where he could keep watch over the roads and wait for potential victims.

The cave is still accessible today and is a popular destination for bushwalkers and history buffs.


Q. How long did the bushranger era last in Australia?

A. The bushranger era in Australia lasted from the early 1800s to the late 1800s.

Q. How did bushrangers operate?

A. Bushrangers would often target stagecoaches and wealthy settlers, robbing them of their money and valuables. They would then escape into the wilderness, using their knowledge of the land to evade the law.

Q. Why were bushranger hideouts important?

A. Bushranger hideouts were essential for the survival of outlaws, as they needed a place to rest and regroup between their criminal activities. The hideouts were often located in remote areas, making them difficult to find and attack.

In conclusion, Australia’s bushranger history is a fascinating part of the country’s past, with many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re interested in exploring caves, learning about the Kelly Gang, or discovering the secrets of Ben Hall’s hideout, there’s something for everyone. So why not plan a trip and uncover some of Australia’s secret bushranger hideouts for yourself?